Owen Sound Roselawn Bowling Club

1555 5th Avenue West, Owen Sound, Ontario

Owen Sound Lawn Bowling

Owen Sound’s Bowling Heritage

McLachlan Park and King’s Royal Hotel

When McLachlan Park opened in 1898, one of the many amusements it offered was lawn bowling.  Owen Sounders took the Steamer Mazeppa to Balmy Beach just north of the city on Georgian Bay, for the day where they could swim and fish, picnic, go to the theatre, and use one of the many sports fields, including the lawn bowling greens. On July 1, 1902 the luxurious King’s Royal Hotel was opened, the park was expanded and it now had a 9-hole golf course, and the crowds came from further aways and stayed longer.

Owen Sound Lawn Bowling Club (St. George’s)

Owen Sounders had enjoyed the lawn bowling experience offered at McLachlan Park but wanted something more convenient.  In April 1903, the Owen Sound lawn tennis club decided to add bowling to their list of activities and by June there were 40 lawn bowling members.  The following April, the Owen Sound Lawn Bowling Club was formed with new grounds, complete with electric lighting and 75 members.  These greens were located on the NE corner of 10th Street and 4th Avenue East behind St. George’s Church.  It became a very popular activity for the professionals and businessmen of the community.  Shortly after, a clubhouse was built were the wives would play bridge as their men folk bowled.  There were no female members of the club.

By 1920, the O.S. Bowling club was flourishing.  With over 100 members and 14 greens it was one of the largest in the province.  Their members hosted a large 3 day tournament each August.

Owen Sound NORTH Bowling Club (Roselawn)

Across the river in Brooke, R. J. Layton and Ed Roseborough had formed a new organization, the Owen Sound North Bowling Club.  Two greens had been built the previous fall on the north side of Layton’s store at 4th Avenue West and 18th Street North.  Of the original 18 members, 4 were female!

By 1922, O.S. North had opened a big new green on 5th Avenue West between 15th and 16th Street, where our greens are still located.  And as part of their 3rd Annual tournament, they hosted the first ladies event in the region.

The ladies of the O.S. North club formed their own club in 1928, boasting almost 75 members, with the men crossing the 100 mark.  The following year, the present clubhouse was built on 5th Avenue West.

In 1939 O.S. North became O.S. Roselawn Bowling Club.  Some additional property, adjoining the original greens, was acquired in 1948.

Some years later, the original Owen Sound Bowling Club also changed it’s name to the St. George’s Lawnbowling Club. Tragedy struck this club in the 1990’s, when vandals set fire and destroyed this facility.  The land reverted to the city and the members were welcomed over at the Roselawn club.  The insurance money they brought with them financed the installation of an irrigation system, as well as some other upgrades.

Over the years, Roselawn has been able to make other upgrades to the greens, the equipment, and the clubhouse with the generous support of various organizations including the Ontario Trillium Foundation, New Horizons for Seniors,  and the Community Foundation Grey Bruce.  

The latest upgrade was made possible by a matching grant from the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program.  In 2016, repairs were made to the clubhouse structure and foundation, the area was rewired and brought up to code, a washroom was updated and made more accessible, and the office area was renovated.

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