Owen Sound Roselawn Bowling Club

1555 5th Avenue West, Owen Sound, Ontario

Roselawn joins Community Better Challenge

The Owen Sound Roselawn Bowling Club invites everyone to get active this June with the Community Better Challenge. Throughout June, you can drop in to try lawn bowling, learn a new sport, and get active. 

The Community Better Challenge is presented annually by ParticipACTION to support physical activity among Canadians. Organizations and individuals register for the challenge and track all their active minutes throughout the month of June. The organizers tally up active minutes in each municipality and the municipality with the most activity is named Canada’s Most Active Community, winning $100,000. Roselawn received grant funding to promote lawn bowling and will be tracking the active minutes of members and visitors throughout the month. Participants can download the ParticipACTION app to log their time.

“When people think about physical activity, they often think about running or high intensity exercise that isn’t actually accessible for all people,” said Roselawn board member Jon Farmer. “Lawn bowling is great because it’s a low intensity but active game. You walk, you bend, you play, and you socialize in a  beautiful setting but many people don’t know that there’s a lawn bowling club in Owen Sound. We’re grateful for this ParticipACTION grant for helping spread the word and get people engaged”.

According to Farmer, Roselawn has worked to become more accessible in recent years, purchasing lifters and pushers so that bowlers with a limited range of motion can participate and play. 

Lawn bowling itself is like a combination of bocce ball and curling. Players roll bowls down the green, trying to get as many of their teams’ bowls as close to a small white ball – ‘the Jack’ – as possible. The bowls curve and can bump into other bowls as they go. 

Roselawn launched their season on May 23rd. Regular bowling takes place on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings with sign-in and set up starting at 6:30pm and on Wednesday mornings beginning at 9:30am. Community members can drop in to regular bowling twice for free before needing to purchase a membership. The club is also hosting two Saturday afternoon open houses on June 4th and 11th from noon to 4pm.  All equipment is provided and participants only need to bring flat soled shoes. Bowling is weather dependent and sun protection is encouraged for day time bowling.

Thanks to ParticipACTION, first time visitors during the month of June will have their names entered into a draw to win a first-year membership for the 2022 season. 

For more information about Roselawn visit www.roselawnbowlingclub.com . For more information about ParticipACTION and the Community Better Challenge, visit www.participaction.com


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