Owen Sound Roselawn Bowling Club

1555 5th Avenue West, Owen Sound, Ontario

June 2021 Newsletter

We’re Open!

We have received the approvals we needed and we will be open for
bowling starting Tuesday, June 22 at 6:50 p.m.

There are some new routines summarized below:

  1. Please book ahead of time to play. At present, 20 people are allowed on the green which includes 2 monitors. Booking instructions are in the box below. You may book twice per week, until we see how it goes.
  2. On your first visit, before you enter the green, 3 forms will be given to you through the window of your car: the registration form, the waiver, and a covid declaration form, plus a copy of Bowler Expectations which are also printed below. Read and complete the forms. (Or you could print them out yourself and bring them all filled out, see
    attachments to this email). On the outside fence, will be the covid screening questions, please also read them before entering. Please maintain 2 metre distancing and wear a mask to enter. Bring your own water and towel for wiping bowls.
  3. Inside the gate will be a monitor who will check your responses to the Covid questions. Drop your completed forms and your cheque (preferred) or cash in the boxes provided. For insurance reasons, you need to pay before you step on the greens. $140 fee, $100 new members, $40 Occasional (3 plays, then $10/night).
  4. If you have brought bowls with you, go to your assigned rink following the signs.
  5. If you will be using Club bowls, the sanitized bowls will be placed on an outside table. Choose a set, then proceed to your rink, there will be a monitor to assist you. Lifters
    will also be available.
  6. Play will commence on the east side (shed side). When you arrive at your rink, you may remove your mask but will need to maintain a 3 metre distance from other players. 4 people assigned to each rink, 2 skips, 2 leads. No handshakes. No mats will be used, instead you will stand behind the line marked on the green. Jacks will be
    preset by skips using their feet. No rakes will be used, kick the bowls into place or owner may pick up only their own bowls. No measuring.
  7. Play will be 1 game per evening, number of ends to be determined by players but
    must be finished by 9:00 p.m. (12:00 p.m on Wednesday). Please leave premises
    within 10 minutes of finishing. If using club bowls please leave in “unsanitized” area.
    Personal bowls go home with their owner.
  8. Clubhouse is basically closed, one bathroom is available.

Booking Instructions

The primary method for booking a spot will be with Sign Up Genius (signupgenius.com). Go to their website and create an account. Then find the sign-up OSRLB Scheduling . Click on the signup events you’re interested in (max 2 per week for now). You can also sign up an alternate person by checking the box and filling in their name. Then
click on Submit and Sign Up. You’ll receive an email confirmation. We realize it will take some practice so be patient and forgiving.

If you don’t use a computer, you can phone Lynn Beaton at 519 377-0701 to book a spot, or pair up with someone who can book both of you for a spot.

Of course, you can take a chance and just show up at the green looking for a game. If there are spaces available you will be able to participate.

Can We Bring Someone New?

Certainly new members are welcome. Please contact Mike or Linda for scheduling (519-416-6747). Our coaches are busy as monitors and with the reopening but will try to accommodate everyone. New members will need to book a spot as well, as they need to be included in the maximum of 20 allowed.

Club Ownership & Participation

As you know our club is owned and operated by its members. Some members volunteer a lot of their time. We would like to more evenly distribute the workload. In other words, we need you to volunteer your time or skills to help your club. The registration form asks where you can assist. Choices will vary; right now we need Covid monitors, help with weeding, greens/grounds maintenance and cleaning/sanitation. If you have an idea, or a particular skill, write it in. If you’ve been volunteering all along, write in what you’ve been doing.
Contact Mike/Linda 519 416-6747 for more details.
Next year, we will offer the option of paying an additional fee in lieu of volunteering.

Bowler Expectations

Welcome back to our 101st season! As you begin this season, please comply with the following bowler expectations. At all times, the guidelines and legislations of Ontario and Grey Bruce Public Health must be respected.

• If you are feeling unwell, regardless of the symptoms, stay home.
• If you have been in contact with someone that has Covid-19 or is being tested for Covid-19 (which includes yourself) you must stay home.
• Regardless of vaccination status, you must adhere to protocols.
• Pre-register for when you would like to play using “Signup Genius”. You can also sign up another person. If this is not possible please contact Lynn Beaton (519) 377-0701.
• Arrive no more than 10 minutes before your scheduled time. Wear your mask and maintain the two-meter (6 feet) physical distancing requirement as you move around the grounds. Leave immediately after your game.
•Once your game begins you may remove your mask as long as you maintain the provincial requirement of three-meter social distancing.
• If you do not own your own bowls, make sure you follow the posted safety protocols for using club bowls.
• Personal bowls cannot be stored at the club this season
• There will be no mats or rakes used this season. No one will touch the jacks with their hands.
The jack will be placed by the skips using their feet. Bowls are to be kicked to the ready
position, they may only be picked up by their user.
• Do not shake hands or high five but a hearty well done is always nice to hear.
• Do not visit with other people on the greens but stick to your assigned rink and maintain 3-meter (9 feet) physical distancing.
• There will be no use of the clubhouse except for single occupancy of the washroom.
• Bring your own water/refreshments and your own towel but also take home your own waste
• Offer to help out at the club in whatever way you can!
• Do your part to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time bowling!


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