Owen Sound Roselawn Bowling Club

1555 5th Avenue West, Owen Sound, Ontario

April 2021 – President’s update

I hope you are enjoying the transition into Spring-like weather and are looking forward to Summer! I just wanted to let all the past members to be  that the club IS working hard to do everything we can to have the club open for lawn bowling this summer. 

In order to do all the things we need to do, in these difficult, covid-19 times, the Club’s Board has formed a four person “Safe Opening Committee. That group, consisting of our two vice-presidents Mary-Martha Flood, and Lynn Beaton, plus club member, Ted Stewart, and myself, has now met three times to formulate plans for various protocols that will need to be adopted to operate the club safely. 

Safety is our most important consideration, and is also necessary because of Ontario Lawn Bowling Recommendations and Rules, plus the directions of the local Public Health authorities. We are aware of their expectations, and therefore we are figuring out ways that our club can put those safety measures into practice and to do it all as efficiently as possible. 

The Safe Opening Committee will be bringing its suggestions to the Board at the upcoming Board meeting on Wed. Apr. 7th.

We will provide each of you ALL THE RELEVANT DETAILS once everything is finalized. Our goal is a simple one (dealing with a complex problem,): To have as successful , and therefore safe,  return to lawn bowling recreation for all interested members THIS SUMMER. 

I look forward to further communication with you and also to seeing you at the actual club, doing actual lawn bowling, a little further into this year. 

In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, you are certainly welcome to e-mail me or phone me (evenings tend to be best…. 372-4339). At THIS time it would be premature of me to provide too many details until the Board, as a whole, works with the Safe Opening Committee and then finalizes all the plans and procedures, but if you want to talk, I’ll try and be “here” for you… as will all the Roselawn Executive. BUT I can assure you that we are absolutely developing a detailed plan to accomplish our goal.  …. We CAN do this! We CAN have a return to play if we all work together and keep our hopes high.

Yours, sincerely, Robert (Bob) Menzies. 
(Note: I have been elected to be the new president for this year, and I’m happy to do what I can to achieve all our goals, BUT I certainly have both needed and received a LOT of help from the other members of the executive, and also from many individual members. … and THAT’s a good feeling. 


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